N95 Mask Used for Dentists and For Controlling H1N1 Virus

N95 Mask Used for Dentists and For Controlling H1N1 Virus

If you are a dentist or an orthodontist, then you must be very careful about H1N1 virus and various dangers that such virus can pose. Therefore, it is essential for you to wear a suitable mask, so that not only you remain protected from such virus, but also you can prevent spreading it through you.

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What is a face mask?

  1. You can get few other kinds of face masks too such as the surgical masks, isolation masks, dental masks, laser masks and medical procedure masks. There are many different types of designs – few of them are tied around the head, few have elastic bands all around the head, and few others have got ear loops.
  2. You can use washable and reusable face masks only if there are no disposable masks available. However, all these reusable masks have not been evaluated by FDA and are not legally sold for protecting against the disease.
  3. Only N95 respirators type of face masks, which can fit more tightly on our face are suitable. They can filter out almost 95% small particles, if they are properly fitted, which is not so easy with any home-made masks.
  4. However, you must remember that nobody knows if face masks or these respirators will really be able to protect against flu. Only based on recommendations from the CDC, and the best guesses of the experts, N95 masks are considered to be best to use for dentists.

As far as N95 disposable masks are concerned, they are available in 5 different models and have many different layouts. The most commonly used masks are ear loop facemask layout, which supplies normal tie on the surgical mask.

By using N95 surgical mask, not only you can help to protect yourself from germs and bird flu, but also you can get protection from airborne dust particles present in the surrounding.

The disposable filter used in the N95 mask has an activated filter made of carbon. This carbon filter can also protect you against airborne allergens.

Last but not the least, another mask called as 3M-N95 Surgical Mask, which is perhaps the best among the group, which has flat fold, 3-panel layout that delivers most comfortable type of fit. This type of mask can always be used while performing any operation and can protect against all types of airborne particulates.

Whatever N95 mask that you may decide to choose, it is very important to follow all the directions given by the supplier and also make sure that it fits on the face in a perfect manner. Otherwise, its very purpose will get defeated.

Although, there are swine flu vaccine available, but the virus of swine flu has to be totally avoided proactively. For that purpose, the N95 particulate type of mask is considered to be one of the best choices you have.