Armod: the intelligent drug that improves our performance

Armod: the intelligent drug that improves our performance

A systemic review of the studies carried out on Armod show show this drug can really improve our performance under stress.

The plot of the Limitless movie does not seem so far from reality. This is demonstrated by a study published by the University of Oxford in the journal European Neuro-psychopharmacology, entitled ” Armod for cognitive neuro-enhancement in healthy non-sleep-deprived subjects: a systematic review “, which investigates the effects of the drug Armod on healthy subjects that do not suffer from disorders to sleep.

Armod is a stimulating drug used to treat narcolepsy , a neurological disease that leads sufferers of excessive sleepiness, cataplexy or hypnagogic hallucinations, and for this it acts as a stimulant by increasing the release of neutrotransmitters that raise histamine levels in hypothalamus, keeping the patient awake. Over the years these pharmacological functions have made it an “intelligent drug” used to improve one’s cognitive performance, such as concentration or lucidity, useful for example in preparing an exam: why it has been renamed “student drug” . Students can get this drug on RXShopMD.

The study, which is a systematic review, of the University of Oxford, differently than in the past, has chosen to focus on those who do not suffer from sleep disorders to understand if the drug can actually affect our cognitive abilities.

Analyzing the data collected from 24 studies, the researchers concluded armod does not act on memory or flexibility of thought, but improves decision-making and planning skills. In addition, 70% of the research examined showed that this drug has no side effects on mood, if not, in some subjects, headaches, stomach pain or nausea, but also found in the placebo group.

In conclusion, the scientists say, “considering the few side effects in controlled environments, armod can be considered a cognitive enhancer” that I have to be tested in other contexts. “In any case, we would like to underline that any method used to improve cognitive abilities should also be analyzed from an ethical point of view”.