5 Productive Things To Do While High Inside

5 Productive Things To Do While High Inside

If you find yourself experiencing the high of marijuana and you’ve got a bit of downtime, it can be very tempting to spend a day watching TV and eating snacks. If you want to be productive while you are high in side, there are some great ways that you can prioritize useful activities even when you’re in an elevated state:


The process of cleaning can be a good experience. Choosing the right strain can give you an uplifting and motivating effect and it might give you the energy that you need to get up then start cleaning your home.


Baking some fresh bread or a new desert can be a fun way that you can be productive while you are high and take care of some of your munchies. Baking some infused treats can also be a great way to make sure you can keep the party going.


You can send some time for self-care while you are high as well. Going through a guided meditation experience can be a fantastic way that you can relax and sort out some of your stress.

Set goals

Being in a good state can be a fantastic time that you can start dreaming about some of the goals that you would like to set for the future. Consider the experience that you would like to have, the places you’d like to visit and the events that you would like to attend. Write them down and plan for your future.

Check in with others

Calling up friends and family and reconnecting with people you haven’t talked to in a while can be a great experience when you are a bit high. Calling up a friend to chat or speaking to a family member can be a fun experience and a great way to check in with them.

Keep some of these fun and  productive options in mind the next time that you are high inside.

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