How the sports supplements help

How the sports supplements help

Many times people start buying sports supplements without even stopping to see what they eat every day. Here you will know what will increase your performance more than any supplement is a good diet. If you comply with this, you can reach an optimal level without needing that extra help that supplements give you.


As you already know, when you go out for a run, ride a bike, or any other activity, your body activates a series of metabolic pathways to obtain energy: fat oxidation, glycogen breakdown, phosphocreatine and even protein.


Caffeine is very useful for medium-high intensity and long duration workouts (for example, running!). Because caffeine increases fat mobilization, thus reducing the consumption of glycogen as an energy source and allowing you to work at a higher intensity without feeling so much fatigue.

Whey protein isolate

The whey protein isolate milk is a clean way of introducing proteins of high biological value in the body, so to help you in the recovery of muscle tissue damaged during training. If you are vegan, you can opt for other types of Aerobitine protein supplements, such as soy, but they will not have such a high biological value with high nutrition value.


The beta-alanine acts by binding to the L-Histidine and forming carnosine, a substance that acts as a buffer in the pH compensating cell and improving the sensitivity to calcium, which would improve muscle contraction.


It must always be consumed through foods such as meat, chicken or supplements, since the body is not capable of producing it by itself. This is one of the reasons why vegetarians and vegans suffer from a deficiency of this vitamin, therefore, it is very important that they resort to supplements.

  1. Glucose

At the other end of the stimulating spectrum is the body’s primary energy source: glucose. Add water with 20 to 40 grams of glucose and drink it during the first 45 minutes (or more) of training to maintain a constant flow of glucose in the blood and enjoy a small increase in performance.