Repairing a Recliner

Repairing a Recliner

It is easy for the regular DIY’er to handle fixing a Recliner. This post is a quick guide to first see if it is worth repairing, how to restore a recliner, and what tools and equipment you may need to do so.

Issue Category First of all recliners are usually fairly durable pieces of furniture with wood or metal bases and cloth, silk or synthetic upholstery. The superficial cuts or tears in the upholstery are the main areas that appear to go wrong on a recliner. Next, in operation, the footrest mechanism can stick or be noisy. In the real foundation or frame itself, the last region appears to be holes.

Tools Needed The tools needed are commonly found in the standard toolbox, or can be bought from the local home DIY shop, depending on which section or pieces of the chair are missing. Upholstery scratches usually require olive oil or polished shoes and buds of cotton. It may involve needle and thread, scissors and a staple weapon for cloth tears. With a screwdriver or pinion, aged cloth can be replaced. You may also be able to purchase fabric repair swatches from where your recliner was sold, which you just staple in place.

Scratches and rips Upholstery This is for leather scratches or synthetic upholstery.

Try to apply olive oil to leather or plastic upholstery along the scrape row with a cotton bud. This is going to help blend the scratch in. If it still appears, try a little bit of shoe polish, again on a cotton bud, along the scratch line to make it fit in. Use the shoe polish color to suit the upholstery’s color and then use a clean cotton cloth to brush over the whole cushion.

Depending on the condition of the content, cloth upholstery can require professional re-upholstery. Medical involvement will help vintage recliners or a recliner bought as part of a set. Once you give it off, remember to check under the cushions as the remote DVD or accessories can often be located there. Whether with a cloth repair patch obtained from the recliner chair manufacturer or with needle and thread, minor tears and rips can be patched.

Ambitious DIY’ers will remove the whole fabric by cutting the staples or studs using pliers or a screwdriver and then place the original fabric on top of a new bolt of cloth and draw a frame around it. And re-stapleit or re-study it.

Reclining operation defective A squeaking sound that can be remedied on a manual lift recliner chair is the most common fault with this. If the chair is a motorized recliner then do not attempt to fix squeaks but call in a doctor, because most of them are mechanical and you need to be trained to do that.

You’ll need another person to help as most chairs require two people to push them to one side, on an old carpet or board, so it won’t mark the furniture. Then you can see below on its foot. A mineral oil spray or lubrication spray such as WD40 may be needed for the mechanism. Check where metal parts connects and oil them, or any springs. It helps to repair the bulk of squeaks. If it doesn’t solve it, then in a recliner chair showroom you’ll need to get the chair serviced or replaced.


Base concerns If the base is broken then by trying to use it, it is not worth risking injuries. It can cost more than its worth to get it patched so there are other choices.

Many alternatives Several recliner showrooms can buy your recliner from you and partially replace it with a new one purchased from you. We can also make repairs or meet someone who can aid in the market. Keep in mind that the cost of fixing a broken recliner could put it beyond economic repair, so if a recliner is something you’re used to seeing in your life then take the opportunity to upgrade it. In the UK, for a new multi-function luxury relaxation recliner chair, a reconditioned recliner begins from about £ 295GBP up to several thousand.