Kid's Health And Obesity

Kid’s Health And Obesity

kids healthy mealskids healthy meals The constant concern parents feel about the proper growth and weight gain of their kids is a fact of life. Unfortunately, in the Indian society where more weight is considered proportionate to good health, not much consideration is given to the fact that excessive weight may not be a good sign for children’s health. Sure, children are less susceptible to obesity as compared to adults, but there is no denying the fact that overweight children are prone to literally carrying their weight and its related issues over into their adolescence and teenage. Hence, it is important to take proper measures and choose healthy lifestyles at an early age in order to ensure your children’s good health. Starting off with the ‘why’; kids become overweight for a variety of reasons such as obesity being hereditary, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy eating habits. It may seem quite obvious but often people forget or ignore the staggering influence of eating habits and physical activity on a kids’ health. Unlike the 90s when children would be out in the parks and on the streets practically all day long, kids these days rarely go out to play after school. They have acquired a preference for the indoors where they spend unhealthy number of hours either watching television or on their phones and tablets or both. Another unfortunate fact that seems to contributing to this rising concern is how a lot of parents resort to feeding children junk foods and processed foods as a replacement to healthy meals because their child is a fussy eater and refuses to eat certain meals. In this regard, it is important to note that changing your own lifestyle is key to improving your children’s lifestyle. To make certain that your children do not become obese, parents must watch what and how you they eat themselves. Ensuring a child’s health is rooted in the eating and exercising habits of the entire family. It is true when they say ‘One must lead by example’.

And this entire discussion children’s health is not about just obesity but also, they ways it not only affects kid’s health in initial years but also leads to various diseases in adolescence. Following are the diseases and health concerns caused by obesity: Early heart diseases High cholesterol Stress High blood pressure Diabetes Depression and anxiety Hormonal imbalance Bone problems Heat sensitivity Acne The best way to ascertain if your child is actually over weight or not is through a doctor. A qualified expert in the domain of children’s health can not only tell you if the child is overweight, but also helps determine and battle the underlying cause. A doctor will usually start off the process with an assessment of the child’s height, weight, eating habits, and daily activities before moving on to suggestions for ways to bring about a positive change in their lifestyle. Long story short, it is important for parents to serve kids healthy meals and eat together as often as possible. In fact, parents can instill the habit of eating healthy food by serving at least five servings of fruits and vegetables to their little ones every day. Besides that, it is advisable to limit your child’s screen time to a maximum of two hours a day.